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Routine Appointments

Routine appointments are made at 15 minute intervals, and can be made by telephoning the practice during normal hours. If you think you need a longer consultation, or if you are attending for a specific purpose, such as an immunisation or an insurance medical, please inform the receptionist on booking so an appropriate amount of time can be allocated.

SMS text reminders for your appointment are sent to your mobile phone the day prior to your appointment. If you are unable to attend an appointment it is important to advise the clinic 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Ovens Medical charge a fee of $40 should you not cancel your appointment and subsequently fail to attend.

Telehealth Appointments

Where appropriate the Ovens Medical Group can provide your appointment via telephone call or video conferencing. This is at the discretion of your doctor. Ovens Medical utilise the Telehealth Video Call platform, a secure video conferencing solution designed for the medical profession which is authorised by the Australian Government. 

You can participate in a telehealth consultation via PC (Apple and Windows, Tablet or smart Phone).  To utilise the service, you will need access to the Chrome or Safari (Apple) browser and on a PC or laptop will require a camera and microphone. 

If utilising a smart phone or tablet you will be able to use the microphone and camera built into these devices.  You do not need an account or need to sign up to any service to utilise the telehealth video call system.

Telehealth appointments are made the same way as Routine or Urgent appointments by a call to the practice to allocate a time.  At the scheduled time for the appointment you simply follow (click on your smart phone) the appointment link, previously sent to you by SMS, or by clicking the “Telehealth - Video Call” button which is available on the top of every page of the Ovens Medical website. This will take you to a private virtual waiting room where your doctor will find you and commence the consultation from.

More information is available on Telehealth video call services.
A Guide to Patients on Consulting By Video

Urgent Appointments

Each day a doctor is “on call” and has no pre-booked patients, so that he/she can see all those patients with urgent medical problems that need to be seen that day. Your usual doctor will not always be available, as all doctors are involved in other activities such as surgical assisting, training of medical students and new GP’s and continuing medical education.

Recall Appointments

Ovens Medical Group has a recall system for some patients who require regular follow up care. Please advise if you do not wish to participate in our recalls.

Repeat Prescriptions

You will usually need to make an appointment for at least a brief consultation to obtain a repeat prescription from your doctor. In some circumstances your doctor may provide a prescription without seeing you. In these cases, a fee of up to $18.00 will be charged for this service and please allow at least 48 hours’ notice.

Home Visits

Home visits are provided if you live in Wangaratta and are too ill to come to the practice. Please telephone the practice in the morning where possible, as the doctors usually do home visits during their lunch break. Visits to patients in hospital, nursing homes and hostels are also provided.